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Ask anyone about me, and they'd probably say that "He always has a smile on his face!" Outgoing is one of my traits that identifies me as Devin, among many others. I love networking, working in a group environment, and experiencing new things. I'm always up for a challenge and I'm motivated to learn. With a strong work ethic and passion that fuels my fire, I'm always ready to take-on new tasks.
What I Do
Check out my portfolio to discover a few of the things I've done so far. I recently graduated from Alaska Pacific University and am now working for Maine Huts & Trails as the Marketing & Merchandise Associate. When I'm not out on the trails taking photos, producing videos and writing for work, I'm doing the same thing in my personal time. I love being outside and doing fun activities like skiing and mountain biking.

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  • 8 Misperceptions about MH&T

    8 Misperceptions about MH&T

    It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that there are a few misperceptions that have been formed about our offerings at Maine Huts & Trails. As a recent hire, I have gotten the chance to learn their new ways and see for myself what’s actually going on around here. I thought that I would take the opportunity to share my findings and make the truth explicitly clear about some common misperceptions that people have about the organization. So without any further ado, here is my list of 8 common misperceptions about Maine Huts & Trails.

  • Prepare for Fall: 5 Tips for Enjoying the Foliage

    Prepare for Fall: 5 Tips for Enjoying the Foliage

    As I’m sure many of you can probably tell at this point, fall is in the air! We are starting to see the glorious colors of the leaves stand out with their yellows, bright oranges and even brilliant reds. And, of course, we all know that Western Maine is the best place to see the foliage. So with foliage season just around the corner, I thought I would put together a list of recommendations for best foliage viewing tips. Here are my few tips…


  • Bean’s Café Facebook Studio Awards

    Bean’s Café Facebook Studio Awards

    Bean’s Café is a non-profit organization that serves homeless in Alaska, without discrimination. Fine Point created a 6.5 minute video to showcase the amazing things that they do, and created a sponsored post on Facebook to help get donations during the holiday season. What we got in return was amazing.


Marketing & Communications
  • Business Admin. & Mngmt. Minor
  • Intern with Fine Point Advertising
  • Facebook Studio Edge
  • Anchorage Startup Weekend 2013 Winner
  • Entrepreneurial Bootcamp Training
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • High/Low Angle Ropes Training
  • Avalanche I Training
  • Swiftwater Rescue Tech. I
  • SCUBA Certified


Expedition Leadership – Amazing Learning in an Amazing Classroom

Recently, I had the privilege and honor of traveling 178 miles with 5 brave classmates and 3 instructors through the Talkeetna mountain range over 22 days this September. As part of my Expedition Leadership course with Alaska Pacific University, the main goals of the course were: to take care of yourself and each other, distinguish professionally led expeditions from personal trips, understand that good decisions result from both rational and intuitive processes and to experience how leadership emerges among members of a small group. Traveling from September 1st through 22nd in the mountains, we encountered some adverse weather, technical terrain and numerous animal encounters. Below is an interactive map of the route with descriptions of each day of travel and some sights/hazards we encountered along the way.

While there are many things that I could discuss about the trip, I have a few prompts to help focus my experiences: any outdoor leadership revelations, lesson of leadership learning through personal challenge, why the Talkeetna mountains is an ideal learning environment for peer leadership, plus current and aspired comfort zones of personal leadership skills.

When my career at APU began, it started with a course called Introduction to Wilderness Skills. Within that course, we were introduced to basic concepts of leadership which formed my basis for my personal leadership development. Over the last three years, I’ve been able to improve these leadership skills in my everyday life with classes, work and personal development. With a variety of leadership lessons and opportunities during the trip, it allowed me to hone-in on my skills and develop my own style which I can use in my career path. Expedition Leadership allowed me to focus on the leadership skills that I can use as a student, but also as an outdoor professional. This was my revelation that happened towards the conclusion of the trip.

A lesson that I learned about leadership through personal challenge occurred during one moment when I was leader of the day. Each day during the course, a student became the group leader for the day, focusing their efforts on effective route selection and travel, scheduling and group management. Towards the middle of the trip on my leadership day, we were walking along this swampy marsh on the route that I had set. As we were traveling through, one student questioned why we were going through that mess, and not up higher along a ridge. After pondering it, I realized that his suggestion was much better than my original plan, so we diverted course and went for higher ground. This moment taught me to always be open for suggestion as a leader. While I had planned the original route that I was happy with, other members of the group felt otherwise, and therefor using consensus methods (when appropriate) was a new skill that I learned. 

The Talkeetna mountain range includes some of the most notorious terrain in Alaska. From high mountain passes, to extremely dense low-valley vegetation with frequent inclement weather, it is the ideal setting for peer leadership learning. Particularly, during the Peer leadership portion of the trip, we were presented with (in my opinion) some of the most difficult terrain along the entire route. Working together as a group while maintaining an active leadership role, you are constantly present with challenges as a group and leader that must be overcome. This is why that particular section of the trip is so detrimental to the newly acquired skills; you’re putting them to the test. 

Having a wide variety of leadership positions over my outdoor career, I have a wide leadership comfort zone. However, one area in which I hope to improve is to gain more experience as a leader, but with a focus on my future career path. Expedition Leadership allowed me to discover my personal leadership style and focus, and now I hope to gain more experience as a leader in the outdoor world so I can focus it along my future goals and aspirations. 

Words cannot describe the incredible experience that I got to share with my course. Below are some photos to help give a glimpse at some of what we experienced through the course. I highly recommend that people consider a course of this nature, as it can open many doors towards your future goals. This trip taught me some incredible life-lessons and memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.

And one thing to always remember: when in doubt, just “do as the ‘bou!
Quote of the the trip

The photos above are credited to Tyler Freitas and Caitlin Marine, two members of the Expedition Leadership Course 2013.

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Trip of a Dream: Road trip to Alaska

Sorry all for the delay in posting! Summer adventures kept me occupied and away from technology…Recently, I purchased a 2009 Subaru Forester (shown below) and traveled with my mom from Maine to Alaska! It was truly the trip of a lifetime.

My BabyFrom my home in Maine, we traveled through New England across I-90 through Buffalo, NY, Cleveland, OH, Chicago, IL and Minneapolis, MN before reaching North Dakota where we hoped across the boarder to Canada. From there, we went through Regina, Saskatoon and Edmonton before reaching the Dawson, AB, the start of our Al-Can. Once we reached the Alaska Highway, it was 3 days of winding roads through mountain passes and little civilization, before reaching Anchorage. With a total trip mileage of 4,976.5 miles from door-step to door-step, we enjoyed every single mile of it! Here are some of the photos of our adventure!
For people that are interested in doing such a road trip, three recommendations that I make are too: plan ahead for gas/food/rest stops, make sure you are prepared for whatever surprises you may encounter, and always make the ride enjoyable (don’t drive for so long that you don’t enjoy it). It’s all about having fun, isn’t it?!

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Expedition Alaska

As we are approaching the final weeks of school praying for the snow to go away, we are moving our focus towards the fall semester and the courses to be choosing. If I were an incoming freshman next year, I would be taking the Expedition Alaska course! During Fall block 2013, four faculty members will be co-teaching one giant course to all of the freshman. As a part of this course, students will be participating in a 12 day adventure down the Yukon River. This video that I have created for the university is now being shown to all prospective students, and could be a major influence in the student’s decision to participate. Here is the video!

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